What is Connect 2021?


Connect 2021 is your first opportunity to come together with the entire smart building supply chain online from 1-30 June.

Building on the success of our digital events in 2020, Connect 2021 will give attendees the chance to have 1:2:1 meetings with leading international suppliers of smart building technology.

Thought-leadership webinars and product demos from Connect are now available to watch on-demand.

What you can expect from Connect 2021:








Strat talks

Meet virtually with the right people


The AI augmented platform will be able to suggest industry professionals and suppliers to meet with as well as showcase products that are relevant to you.

The online meeting place for entire smart buildings supply chain:

Contractors & Suppliers

Contractors & Suppliers

Designers and Architects

Designers & Architects

Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers

Security Installers

Security Installers

6 industry shows. 1 free ticket.