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As the best attended feature across all shows in 2019, our show-stopping intelligent building feature is BACK when we return in 2022 and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Highlights will include a new security element, alongside both commercial and residential options in place.

With the use of sensors and smart building systems, the control room will show real-time, real-life data, to enable visitors to interact with the feature and understand how everything works.

Brought to you by Master Systems Integrator, Vanti

Features include...

Vanti: Master Systems Integrators

At Vanti, we’re strong believers that technology shouldn’t simply be viewed as an optional extra for buildings but an integral consideration in the design, infrastructure and outlining vision of any new build creation or retrofit project which aims to bring an older building in line with or beyond modern standards.

We believe commercial real estate can do more for stakeholders, occupants, and visitors. We transform buildings into smart and efficient environments where people want to work, play, and learn.

Beckhoff: New Automation Technology

The Beckhoff New Automation Technology philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of different applications, ranging from CNC-controlled machine tools to wind turbines to intelligent building automation. By supporting all communication standards for building automation – from operating and monitoring, lighting, HVAC and facade control through to energy data collection – all functions can be integrated into the automation platform from Beckhoff. The universal, coordinated control system increases comfort levels for building users. In addition, the system-integrated nature of the platform delivers energy savings and reductions in investment and operating costs. 

Your Workspace: Smart Storage Solutions

Your Workspace are a proud British Manufacturer and the no.1 smart storage providers in the UK. Simplicity, their award-winning smart locker solution, has over 1.5 million users worldwide. As market leaders with decades of experience working across a multitude of industries; Your Workspace have helped businesses around the globe transition to a hybrid way of working through their innovative furniture designs and smart storage solutions

AJ Products

AJ Products: Ergonomic workplace furniture and equipment

Here at AJ Products our goal is to help businesses improve employee wellbeing and boost their productivity. We do this through our unique range of workplace furniture and equipment, which is designed with ergonomics front and centre. From our sit-stand desks and meeting tables to ergonomic office chairs, active seating and breakout furniture, we create flexible and active workspaces that allow employees to take control of how they work. By trusting employees to know how they work best and building spaces around those needs, businesses can see an increase in both productivity and loyalty. Our ergonomic solutions also extend to home offices and even to workshops and warehouses! At AJ Products, we think staying fit and healthy should be something that anyone can do, wherever they work.


Qbic specializes in the design and manufacturing of Arm related technologies, this includes Qbic’s line of award winning standardized products, offering Smart Panel-PC, IPC, Facility Management devices, Central Control, Home Automation, SoM, Embedded Systems, IPC, Digital Signage, Box-PC, Medical & Health care terminals, AIoT and AI sectors.

They're showcasing their TD-1050PRO Room booking deviceTD-0350 Desk booking device and TD-1060 Slim Room booking/Door sign device

Nook: Wellness Focused Pods, Booths & Shelters for Hybrid Spaces

Nook is an award winning, wellness certified family of support spaces which improve focus, engagement, flexibility & sustainability. 

Nook take wellness and care in an environment to the next level. Certified as a sen
support space, users are given safety and calm for greater mindfulness and
concentration, quiet for better connection and engagement, all without creating

Designed to accommodate technology, Nook can be enhanced with sensors, screens, battery technology, augmented reality and other platforms to create an integrated experience.

Automatic Systems: Secure Entrance Control

AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS is a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control. The company has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle, and passenger access systems for nearly 50 years.

Winsted: Technical furniture

Winsted: Technical furniture, a vital tool to a control room. And when done right, a workspace becomes a space that works. Furniture clearing a path to complete focus through expert engineering, ergonomic comfort, and smart design. That’s Winsted! Seamless workspace integration through re-imagined and refined products. Because Winsted believe modern thinking stands out despite a purpose of blending in. The very reason Winsted have been custom installing state-of-the-art consoles all over the globe for over 55 years.

Pressac Smart Building Solutions: Smart building sensors and connected technology

Create smarter, healthier workplaces and achieve new levels of operational and energy efficiency. From occupancy and people flow to air quality and energy monitoring, Pressac's smart sensors give you all the data you need to create a smarter workplace. And because your needs are likely to evolve, our solutions are interoperable and forward-thinking.

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