Smart Grid

Smart grids offer an innovative new way of operating energy supply across a large area – even across an entire country. They communicate with each other, providing managers with reliable information about energy usage, energy flow and consumer supply and demand. Although the technology is still in its infancy, smart grids have enormous implications, allowing us to:


  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Integrate different sources of renewable energy into a single grid
  • Provide instant feedback on energy production and consumption
  • Make diagnosing faults seamless
  • Provide energy according to demand, making it more efficient


Energy managers can use the information gathered by smart grids to adjust the grid and respond to problems in real time, making managing the grid far more efficient and improving fault detection without the need for technicians. It also allows consumers themselves to use smart meters to gather more accurate information about their usage.


22/11/2019 | SMART GRID NEWS


Imagine electricity grids that can communicate with each other, giving us reliable information and allowing managers to remotely operate energy supply across an entire country efficiently and reliably. This is no longer the stuff of fantasy, and although the technology is still in its infancy, smart grids are becoming an increasingly important part of energy management.


22/11/2019 | SMART GRID NEWS


Power grids are facing major challenges. Infrastructure is ageing, demand is rising – particularly from electric vehicles and electric heating systems – and the uptake of renewable energy sources is making power generation less reliable.


Enter the smart grid. This uses smart meters, advanced communications and various energy management systems to gather accurate data on power usage and adjust supply accordingly, communicating with other grids. They offer vastly improved reliability, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability, utilising the latest technology to better manage power supply.


22/11/2019 | SMART GRID NEWS


Smart grid technologies are transforming the energy sector. Creating a smart energy network can improve energy efficiency and encourage sustainability. In tandem, smart grid technology and renewable energy will create an energy grid ready for a fossil fuel-free future.


Why is the technology necessary? Renewable energy sources – generated by wind, wave, marine, hydro, biomass and solar – produced around 28 per cent of total UK electricity in 2018 and in April 2019 the amount of energy generated in the United States by renewable sources exceeded coal for the first time ever.