Co-located events

As an Intelligent Buidlings Europe badge holder, you get unrestricted access to all adjoining shows taking place at the same time, including Facilities ShowIFSEC InternationalFIREX International and Safety & Health Expo.


Below is just a handful of the vast range of product areas you'll be able to explore and take advantage of in just one visit.

What’s on for you at Facilities Show?

Meet the wider profession in the FM Bar, kick back in the FM Arcade and enjoy some virtual golf. Get to grips with technology disruption in FM, how smart buildings technology can aid wellbeing and productivity, and how office furniture can reduce muscle stress.


Learn everything you need to know about leadership in seminars like “Panel: Company culture, recognition and getting a seat in the board room”, and how to build environments that thrive in seminars like “Building meaningful workspaces: the alignment of tools, culture, and space.”


Enhance your specialisms across construction, manufacturing and education. Meet specialist suppliers like AJ Products, Evaccess and Cleankill Pest Control.

What’s on for you at IFSEC International?

IFSEC International is one of the world’s largest and most important centres for integrated security. Welcoming committed visitors and world-leading suppliers, it provides you with more options to protect people and assets with innovative security solutions.


Get to grips with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and how a Converged Security Operations Centre can help you manage any situation in real-time.


As well as the chance to further develop your specialisms across property protection, perimeter solutions and security education by meeting Dahua, Hikvision and Texecom.

What's on for you at FIREX International?

Meet installers of fire and security products, specialist construction providers, manufacturers and government representatives like the FIA, BSI and the LPCB RedBook Pavilion.


Learn your latest legal obligations in fire safety in the Expertise and Guidance Theatre, like the seminar “Review of Government Response to Hackitt/ ADB Review and Impact on Passive Fire Protection.”


Discover how to ensure fire safety throughout the building process, fire safety management in tall buildings and what investigations have taught us about fire safety deficiency in the UK.

What’s on for you at Safety & Health Expo?

Discover what the current technology debate around health and safety risk reduction strategies are, and what’s in store for the future health and safety professional within Safety & Health Expo.


Plus, learn how you, your teams and workplaces can experience the benefit of increased productivity and wellbeing from the highest quality protective clothing and wearable safety tech.