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Intelligent Building Europe statement on the Coronavirus

Intelligent Building Europe is closely monitoring developments of the Novel Coronavirus, which first emerged from Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The health and safety of our colleagues and customers...
Smart security

Smart buildings and smarter security

13/02/2020 Blog
Smart security is a close ally of intelligent buildings. It uses the same technologies—wireless networks and the internet of things—that give users the ability to customise and monitor their security...
Are smart buildings at risk from hackers?

Are smart buildings at risk from hackers?

11/02/2020 Blog
Smart buildings offer huge benefits for businesses and occupants, but they also introduce a whole litany of potential cyberthreats with which building managers and security teams must contend. After...
Machine Learning

Is machine learning the next big thing in smart buildings?

30/01/2020 Blog
Sensors are the bread and butter of smart buildings. Much of the transformative technology changing the way we manage buildings relies on gathering ultra-accurate data—perhaps about room occupancy,...
Smart maintenance

How smart maintenance makes you more productive

20/01/2020 Blog
Typically, maintenance is done on a corrective basis—i.e. in response to a fault or error—or periodically scheduled. There is a major flaw in this process in that equipment must be broken before it...
Download the Smart Buildings eBook

Download the Smart Buildings eBook

08/01/2020 Blog
Smart buildings is the trend everyone’s talking about, but are we really utilising this technology to its full potential, and do we understand how best to implement it? This free eBook, sponsored by...

Intelligent Building Europe partners with KNX UK

Intelligent Building Europe (IBE) is the new UK hub for smart buildings excellence. The show, which is taking place at ExCeL London on 19-21 May 2020, strives to connect those designing and...
Intelligent Building Europe

Register for your free ticket to Intelligent Building Europe 2020

Visit the new global hub for the intelligent buildings sector to discover the innovative technology transforming the built environment at Intelligent Building Europe 2020, taking place on 19-21 May...
Energy Management

Energy Management Solutions

Energy management solutions for commercial and residential properties Energy bills are a major expense for consumers and corporations alike. Using an energy management system can help both shave an...
Energy Management

The Importance of Energy Management

We’re living in the age of climate emergency. People have become keenly aware that just 100 companies have been responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions between 1988 and 2015, according...
Energy Management

What is Energy Management?

The growing demand for renewable and sustainable energy sources is pushing companies to manage their energy use. Industrial energy management is part of the smart built environment and should,...
smart grid

What are the advantages of a smart grid?

22/11/2019 Smart Grid News
Imagine electricity grids that can communicate with each other, giving us reliable information and allowing managers to remotely operate energy supply across an entire country efficiently and...